The reason why we stand as a Company High technology and passion for design, fashion and luxury. These combinations of elements are the exclusive and distinctive elements since 2013 when “PUGNALE” was born as a Company. Deeply in love with fashion design and unbridled passion for eyewear and luxury in general, Emanuele Pugnale, owner and designer of “Pugnale” took inspiration to use those technologies applied to aerospace, automotive and biomedical industries in the fashion and design eyewear world. Research and technological development combined with the innovative use of techniques and materials was the base in order to create an excellence for the Made in Italy industry of luxury eyewear. Clean lines and industrial laminates become precious surfaces to produce a unique luxury eyewear design of its kind. Metal combines with fabrics and precious materials, creating a contemporary and exclusive luxury that will lead to a world-famous trademark in 2017, identifiable as a trendy eyewear luxury in the world. We believe that our unique know-how and approach on eyewear market represent the excellences of Italian manufacturing tradition. This universal recognized business model shifted on the independent eyewear market, in 2017 Pugnale signed new exclusive partnerships by sharing its technical know-how with a few, selected fashion houses in Italy. Our aim is to approach the market in an alternative way in order to identity our brand as a unique and exclusive but always in coherence with fashion design.